Dro Hef is an aspiring rap artist coming out of Brentwood, New York. He grew up in a Dominican household where his brother introduced him to rap/hip hop.Dro quickly fell in love with the culture and studied legends like Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie, DMX, G-Unit etc. He always played with the idea of being a rap artist when he was young but really became serious when he turned about 17 years old.

His flow and Punchlines bring back a late 90’s vibe which is rare to see in young artist coming up today. Even with his gritty style he is still capable to be versatile in his work and conquer different kinds of industry beats.

Cynthia Horner ( editor-in-chief ) of the Hip Hop Weekly magazine is quoted saying of the upcoming artist ” You are the total package “. Some have compared his style to Stack Bundles. Dro Hef says he is honored to be compared to Stacks but he is just trying to make history, help add to the culture and show the kids from his area that it is possible to make it because no one showed him.

In 2013 he dropped his debut mixtape ” Well Anticipated “. Since then the progress has been enormous. He sounds confident as ever now, while tightening up the flow and still delivering the bars. It has been a journey and plenty of progression has been made.

Dro Hef followed up Well Anticipated with  ” Million Dollar Dreaming “. Which dropped  September 11th 2015. The mixtape was a masterpiece and showed that Dro Hef has the ability to break through the industry and when he does, it wont be a surprise to anyone.  From beginning to end it is nothing but immaculate music from the hooks, bars ,flows the beat selection and even the features. Dro Hef linked up with Dave East for his single “Talkin Bout” and also had Max B praising the young artist on his intro.

Dro Hef is still doing shows and dropping freestyles for his supporters to keep up to date. His hustle and ambition is second to none. He will not be denied until he can make a lavish living and big impact for his community.

Dro Hef is capable of being one of the big reasons New York rap/hip hop gets back to being what it was in it’s glory days.

Stay Tuned !